Take Away Special caféAlentejo

With Miss the flavors and aromas of coffee Alentejo?

To take home we create a very special TakeAway with different dishes every day!

Available between 12pm and 3pm, if possible order in advance.

T. 266 706 296 l 969 318 901

Always every days

Chicken patties
Hake laughs
Shrimp patties
Ball croquettes
Salted Quiche

Vegetable cream
Cod au gratin with spinach and coriander

Roasted duck rice
Oxtail braised in red wine
Roasted pork cheeks
Vegetable blends

Cheese from heaven

Day 1 April

Oven-roasted pork loin with oregano sauce and potatoes

Day 2 April

Migas with fried pork

Day 3 April

Sopa de cação

Day 6 April

Braised vegetables and baked cheeks with potatoes

Day 7 April

Curry Chicken

Day 8 April

Cuttlefish feijoada

Day 9 April

Roast lamb
Lamb stew